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The Best Way to Administer Drugs to your Pet Dog

Pet owners are responsible for how healthy a pet can stay. In case of illnesses, you have to be in charge of giving it the meds. As with most human beings, dogs too hate medications, and you shall have to find this a way of making them take all of it properly.

You will not struggle much when it comes to liquid medication. It is more preferred than pills and capsules. You only need to part its lips, then pour in the medication. The induced swallowing sensation will see to it that the medication gets swallowed adequately. You can also confirm with the vet if the liquid can be mixed with its food.

For pills and capsules, you may have to insert it directly into the mouth, by hand. You will need to tilt its head upwards, then using your index and thumb fingers on the upper jaw behind the canines, make it open its mouth. When it is open, take the pill and place it as far back as you can. Then keep its mouth shut for some time. When you blow on its nose, it shall feel like swallowing. Be observant as you blow on its nose. If it is an aggressive dog; it may harm you.

There is also the option of hiding the medication in the pet food. The dog will hardly notice t and so ends up taking its medication. Some of these medications can be crushed and mixed with the food. You should use its favorite food, or a treat like honey, peanut butter, or some other nice thing.

There is also a dog pill plunger device you can use. It is a tool for giving the pet medication. It eliminates the risk of your fingers being bitten when you pry open its mouth. You only need to place the pill on the tip, then put the plunger into the dog’s mouth. It is by pushing the plunger that the medication gets administered into the mouth. You then keep the mouth shut for some time.

Pill pockets present the most elegant and safe way of giving the pet its medication. They are basically dog treats that have a hollow section for inserting the medication. The pocket is designed so, which makes giving the medication much easier. They are presented in several flavors, so that you have a choice of the pet’s most favorite. They also have some vitamins as an ingredient, which is good for the pet’s health.
You should make a point of giving the pet a treat after the medication. The shall thus not have a problem with the next session. Make sure you follow the instructions on the packaging of the medication carriers.

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